A game about Bear-Mutant wearing striped vest and holding a machine gun. He is a product of genetic experiments. Radioactive rain falling from the sky. Everyone around is an enemy. Survive!

Игра про Медведя-мутанта в тельняшке и с автоматом. Он - результат генетических экспериментов. С неба идет радиоактивный дождь. Все вокруг враги. Выживай!

Download demo [DevGAMM alpha version]
Web demo (lights switched off) [DevGAMM alpha version]

  • Story driven top-down shooter-adventure with RPG elements.
  • Huge number of locations with multiple levels each.
  • Tons of enemies with their own weak spots.
  • Packs of bosses so ugly - you want to smack them with your boot!
  • Several playable characters with their own unique story, arsenal and perks!
  • Awesome soundtrack!
  • Multiple endings!

B0-R15 (BORIS) The Mutant Bear with a gun

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